Zest Framework 2.0.3

Welcome to Zest! Zest is a very light-weight PHP framework without any dependencies except core and autoloader.

Who is Zest For?

Zest is for PHP developers who want to build apps instead of coding common things like validation, routing, database manipulation, etc, from scratch. Zest offers a set of well-defined toolkits that take care of those things allowing you to focus on building your app.

The purpose of Zest Framework

As for PHP, there are many PHP frameworks available nowadays, so the question is raised as to why we/people should use ZestFramework. The main purpose of Zest framework is to provide a very lightweight framework without any external dependencies except core and autoloader.

Zest Framework consists of two dependencies.


Core files contains all the necessary files that are required for Zest framework to work properly (e.g., routing, validating, etc).


Composer autoloader is used for autoloading files. It's necessary as a means to to load files efficiently. We use Composer autoloader for loading files.

Useful info:

The size of Zest core files less then 1MB.

Previous Versions

  1. Docs for Version 2.0.2